What to Do When Your Bathroom Extractor Fan is Not Working?

Contrary to the majority of people`s belief, most of the time malfunctions in home devices are minor and you could fix them on your own. It can save you the trouble of buying a new one or having to pay somebody to fix it and charge you a lot of money for a simple ten-minute work you could have finished all by yourself.

Extractor fans for bathrooms​ are one example. The good news is that you can fix it without anyone’s help. Why not try it before calling for someone? So, here are a few tips on how to fix your bathroom extractor fan if the damage is not "lethal", according to your estimation:

Diagnose The Problem

There are a few types of malfunctions that are most likely to ​happen. For example; the bathroom extractor fans humidity sensor, motor problems, wiring problems, power supply problems... It is really important that you determine which one of these is your malfunction. You do not have to be an expert to do that; you just need to open it and look. Some of the extractor fans have screws on the edges so you might need a screwdriver to open it.

Clean The Fan

Cleanliness is half the solution. You must clean your devices even from the inside if you want them to last longer. Dust is a very nasty thing when it comes to bathroom extractor fans. It plugs the entire device, so the air cannot go through and out, which makes the device overheat. If this is the problem, you will have to get these items:

  • A used cloth
  • A soap
  • A toothbrush you will never use again
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A face mask (not necessary, but handy)

Using these items, you should clean the entire thing. First, use the vacuum cleaner, and then the toothbrush, so that you can really get to those parts that are hard to reach. After you are done with everything, the important thing is that you wipe off all the soap and water, so that it does not get in touch with any electronics, because that could be dangerous. A dry cloth or some toilet paper will do the trick.

Check The Power Supplies

Your extractor fan does not turn on when you hit the switch? Then you might have some wiring problems. If this is the case, you will have to check the wiring within your extractor fan. You will have to start by opening the thing. Use a small screwdriver to do that.

When you are finished with the opening, you will see a small box inside. You should get the wires tightened. Before doing so, you will have to turn off the power, because you could get shocked and hurt badly. Actually, you could do that before doing any of these steps.

Try to find out which fuse controls the power of your bathroom, and it will most probably turn the power that supplies extractor fan down. If you are not sure, turn all the fuses down just for the time being. Then tighten the wires and close the box. Check if it`s working.

Replace The Old Motor

If none of this works, it means that your malfunction is more of a technical issue, most probably a motor issue. You should replace the old motor… or perhaps, this is the right time to call an expert to do the job.

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