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This page was last updated on 1st April, 2021
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Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan

Quick Overview Of The Top 10 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans

Detailed Overview Of The Top 10 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans

This powerful best bathroom extractor fan model combines the simultaneous functionalities of light and fans, and can be operated with a single switch. It has rave reviews and is suitable for all kinds of bathrooms. With its IPX7 UNIT installed inches within the shower, it is efficiently protected from damages.

The Vent Axia Luminaire L stops the movement of damp air within your bathroom; this causes your bathroom to dry up without any detrimental condensation. The light function helps illuminate the shower room, giving you a clear view of your surroundings. No matter the thickness of your room's ceiling, the fan is easy to install quick and can be ceiling mounted. It rests comfortably on both light and fragile ceilings.

With reviews as the best bathroom extractor fan model for use, combined with a 20 Watt 40˚spread, preformed Dichroic Multi-Mirror™ lamp, you are guaranteed to get the best and brilliant rays of tender and warm lightning, and fresh air. Not only that, the long life expectancy of its lamp is assured, and you can easily carry out any routine maintenance as desired.


Safety Extra Low Voltage (Selv) Fan and Lamp:

With Vent Axia bathroom extractor fan LuminAire L model, you do not have to pay for extra power. This fan offers you the best benefits of low power consumption at low cost. It saves money from installation costs of both light and extraction fan separately.

Suitable for Wet Areas:

If your bathroom is constantly in use by people, this extraction fan works well to remove moist air and provides adequate ventilation without any risk of getting damaged. Its transformer is properly protected from reach of any damaging agent.


The work rate of this lamp and fan is reduced drastically when one of the functions gets damaged.

Cata Bathroom Glass Extractor Fan

Are you looking for that best, ultra quiet extractor fan to purchase? Then, the Cata Bathroom Glass Extractor Fan is the best bet for you. This model is designed for easy installation on the bathroom wall or ceiling. This fan possesses a glass hood to give it a sleek and elegant appearance. At a noise level of 31dB, you can have the best, absolutely quiet fan, working efficiently without being noticed by anyone in your bathroom.

In addition, it also comes with the best extractor fan humidistat. The extractor fan Humidistat detects the moisture level of your bathroom. When it detects a reading above the normal level, the Cata Extractor fan model removes the excess moisture and returns your bathroom condition to normal. An interesting feature of this fan is its size. At 100mm in diameter, it occupies just a small space of your wall and still provides amazing range of ventilation.


Timer Option:

With its time feature, this best extractor fan model turns on and goes off according to the set time. You do not have to worry about switching it on and off by yourself. This makes it easy to use without much stress and effort.


The humidistat sensors do not allow your bathroom to become too wet and flooded, and keeps it well ventilated. The fan, with the help of the fan's humidistat, quickly vents out humid air as soon as they gather around the shower or bath.


The glass enclosure makes it appear fragile and easy to shatter. If you mistakenly throw an object towards your ceiling or wall, and it comes in contact with this ceiling mounted fan, it might get damaged.

Manrose 100mm Bathroom Extractor Fan

With just one simple fan kit, this shower Extractor fan unit comes with everything you need for easy installation. It combines the features of both LED light and has reviews as the best fan to avoid congestion in bathrooms, allowing easy installation on walls, ceilings, or windows.

It offers an extraction rate of 24 l/s, making it possess the very best efficiency rate. With its durable and protected transformers, this shower room best extractor fan unit can come in contact with water from showers without any risk of getting easily damaged.

To suit the beauty of your bathroom, this bathroom fan unit comes in two colours; white and chrome. With any colour you purchase, the manrose 100mm LED extractor fan unit gives you the best and beautiful glow of warm light to properly expose any dark area of your bathroom.


Single Boxing:

All that you need are properly assembled for you in just one box. The contents of each box include a complete fan, LED driver that provides power, screws for fixing, plugs, etc.



At 41dB, this fan model is a bit noisy. To avoid hearing the sound from it, you can fix it high on bathroom ceilings.

Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan

This fan model provides the best solutions for bathroom ventilation problems in your house. The 100 HT Bathroom Extractor fan delivers the best performance at an incredibly low noise level due to the alignment of the motor. This is because its motors are mounted on elastic blocks that trap sound, ensuring its quiet, peaceful working.

With its timer feature, the fan is turned on automatically. The timer is adjustable. It could be set to function at any time interval you desire, e.g. 5 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Also, the duration of time the fan functions is equal to its over-run timer. So, a 27 minute functioning of the fan would have a 27 minute over-run.

This fan model also comes with a humidity sensor. It can be set to function between 60% and 90% RH. This keeps the humidity level of the bathroom under normal conditions and provides adequate ventilation. When the humidity level falls above or below this level, the fan is turned on automatically and functions until the desired humidity balance is restored.



This fan model is rated at IP45 and powered with 240v. It is almost quiet at 26.5dB and offers high performance which complies with all building regulations.


When you purchase this fan model, you are guaranteed 5 years of usage without any technical or electrical issue.


Sometimes, the detected humidity level of your bathroom may have a slight error, causing a delay in the fan to turn on or off automatically.

Airflow iCON ECO Extractor Fan

The Airflow iCON eco 15 fan model is best designed to sit comfortably in your bathroom for ideal ventilation, along with the best performance. With its beautiful appearance, it gives you a feel of efficient air extraction from your shower or bath. Its new draught shutter design reduces external noise production. Not only that, the backdraught shutter can turn on and off silently.

This powerful unit comes with different operational modules. Pull-cord, Timer control, Humidity Sensor, and Motion sensors can be activated and controlled by users. The optional module is quick to respond and the configuration is easy to activate the best functions of your fan, to increase and maintain air flow.


Accurate Humidity Sensor:

The humidistat sensors detect humidity levels of your house's bathroom accurately without any error. The sensor works together with an overrun timer which ensures that the fan functions well to ensure the normal range for a longer time. If you want to operate the fan by yourself, it comes with a pull-cord. You can, therefore, adjust the controls to the setting you like.

Sharp PIR/Timer (PRTM):

This feature accurately detects the presence of someone in the room and immediately switches on the fan. It also detects the absence of individuals and runs for the duration of the overrun timer before switching off afterward.


At 35dB, the airflow iCON ECO 12 is a bit noisy. The sound from the fans could sometimes be uncomfortable to the ears.

Inline Loft Mounted BathroomToilet Extractor Fan

This best inline bathroom extractor fan comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. It offers a high performance of up to 220m3/hr for your effective use. Moreover, it operates quietly and gives a powerful output.

This inline fan boasts 100mm in diameter, making it less bulky than other Inline fans. It is easy to install in lofty areas. Not only that, it comes with a mounting bracket which makes it sit comfortably even on wooden panels.

With reviews as the powerful best Inline fan for bathrooms in your house, it is quiet, and conducts moisture, bad smells, and damp air extraction effortlessly via air ducts. It comes with a back draught shutter that minimises a range of external noises. With 30 watts of power consumption even on high speed, it is the best fan to save costs on power.


Small Size:

This best inline fan measures 100mm in diameter, and you can be sure to install this mini extractor fan model in lofty spaces on walls.

4 Blades:

Designed with four blades, this fan comes with a good advantage owing to its back draught shutter. Two fans are arranged in series which increases the pressure. The other two fans are parallel to each other, and they increase the outflow of moisture from your bathroom using the backdraught shutter.


If you have a very large bathroom which is always left in a humid condition, or your shower enclosure is often saturated with water or steam, it could be difficult for this fan to properly dry out moisture in your shower or bath.

Silent Extractor Fan with Timer

This silent bathroom Extractor fan encompasses a classic design. It best suits any bathroom that is intended to remain dry. It also gives a person’s bathroom a fresh look. It boasts of high efficiency, performance, and a high work rate.

In addition, among other silent fans on the market, this one is the absolute best and cost effective. It consumes just 5.5 watts of power. Meaning, it saves the cost of power consumption for other home appliances.

Furthermore, this extractor fan operates at 26dB. It is almost ultra quiet, producing no noise that may disturb your ears. The airflow rate is measured at 78m3/hr, giving you an efficient means to eliminate moisture completely via ducts.

It also comes with an in-built pull cord which makes it easy to be manually operated by users.


Low Energy:

It is necessary to use an extractor fan that is energy efficient to save cost so that you do not accumulate home bills. This best extractor fan uses low watts per hour.

Sleek Design:

This extractor fan adds beauty to your shower enclosure. With its classic look and design, it enhances the appearance of your bathroom, leaving the atmosphere dry.


This extractor fan is not totally quiet. It makes a buzzing sound when in use.

Manrose 100mm Standard Mixed Flow Fan

The Manrose 100mm Standard Mixed Flow fan is the best powerful extractor fan for one’s standard bathroom. This extractor fan has a ball bearing motor which makes it function in a wide range of temperature. With its quality ball bearing and long motor life, you are guaranteed 3 years of continuous usage without faults.

It also boasts of a high extraction rate of 245m3/hr. This means that your bathroom becomes moisture free in no time. This best extractor fan can be installed in a variety of areas around your bathroom, and it is suitable for use with flexible ducting or rigid ducting.

This standard fan also comes with an adjustable timer. So you can set it to operate at any time comfortable for your needs. With a 24dB, there is little or no noise production when this fan is functioning.


Two Speed Setting:

With the two speed setting, you can use the humidity sensor to alternate between speeds according to the level of humidity in your bathroom.

Ball Bearing:

The ball bearings of the motor used are cheap and easy to replace. They are readily available in the market. So you do not have to undergo any stress in trying to get them replaced when necessary.


High Pressure:

This fan delivers a higher pressure to your bathroom area which can cause excessive drying in the air around your bathroom.

Vent-Axia Silent Timer Extractor Fan

The Vent-Axia Silent Extractor Fan model is one of the best, quiet Extractor Fans you can buy in the market. At a sound level of 14dB, you can be sure to hear no sound when the fan is functioning.

With its stylish sleek design, this unit is usually produced in white, and it weighs a meager 739g. It also boasts an IP44 splashproof rating. Thus, this unit is easy to install in a variety of locations such as the bathroom wall or ceiling.

The Vent-Axia Silent bathroom extractor fan model with Timer is powerful, energy efficient, uses 6.80 watts, and 240 volts, making it cost effective with low power consumption. In addition, its extraction rate is measured at 1.26 cubic meters per minute which is best for its size.

With an adjustable overrun timer, you can set the timer settings between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The fan motor kit of this quiet Extractor fan is protected and this guarantees durability.

No matter the size of your standard bathroom, this unit delivers good ventilation, high work rate to keep your bath room fresh, and free from moisture and damp air via extraction.



The cost of purchasing this fan is low and it doesn't leave any hole in the pocket.

Easy Installation:

You do not need to be an electrical expert before you can install this quiet, bathroom extractor fan on your wall or ceiling. Just by following the manual, you will get your fan set and ready to function.

Compliant With Building Regulation:

This best extractor fan complies with the standard building regulation. This means that you're at no risk for any electrical explosion.


With its very low noise production, it becomes difficult to ascertain when this bathroom fan becomes operational.

Greenwood Airvac S90T Centrifugal Extractor Fan

Greenwood Airvac offers the best, state-of-the-art bathroom extractor fan to perfectly suit your needs. It removes moist air via ducts, at a very incredible rate of 21l/s. With this best extractor fan, your bath room remains always fresh and dry and properly ventilated following the moisture extraction.

This unit is easy to install. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling, and windows of your standard bathroom. With its installation manual, anyone can easily mount this unit to its desired location on the wall.

Greenwood Airvac S903 also comes with a timer feature you can control. The fan, therefore, functions continuously for the set duration even after the lights are switched off.


High Extraction Rate:

With its high extraction rate, the moisture air content is quickly removed from your bathroom in a few minutes after using the bathroom. In addition, odours are removed and are not allowed to remain stagnant for long.

Easy Installation:

This unit is easy to install on walls without much effort if you follow the Greenwood Airvac manual.


Crafted with quality materials, you are guaranteed long usage of this fan without getting damaged.


This fan cannot detect the humidity level of your bathroom because it lacks a humidistat.


If it is possible to combine all the best ultra modern features into a single extractor fan, then that fan would be the best of our top 10 products. From our bathroom extractor fans reviews, the best bathroom extractor fan on this list combines multiple features of:


Small Size

Low Noise

Low Power Rating

Timer Option

5 Years Warranty

No other extractor bathroom fan comes with these functions except the Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan. This is the best out of our top 10 Bathroom Extractor Fans.

Mini Guide To Bathroom Extractor Fans


The advantages of buying one of these fans of different sizes and shapes are numerous to mention. A few of them include:

Benefits of Bathroom Extractor Fans

1. Keep Walls and Bathroom Clothes Clean

Installing a bathroom extractor fan on walls, ceiling, or windows, can prevent humid air and moisture from damaging your bathroom curtains and other fabrics in the bath room. As moisture stays so long in your bathroom, the clothes become wet and soaked. Overtime, mould and other forms of algae begin to grow on these fabrics. This can reduce the quality of these fabrics and provide a culture or bacteria. Moisture on your bathroom wall or ceiling can deteriorate the painting and can cause it to peel or fade off. When the wall or ceiling absorb water and remain wet for too long, their strength reduces. So buying these products keeps your bathroom healthy.

2. Extra Ventilation

Most standard bathrooms are not constructed to obtain proper bathroom ventilation. As a result of this, people's bathrooms and shower enclosures get very hot especially during summer due to improper bathroom ventilation, in some temperate climates. An Extractor fan can serve as a good bathroom ventilation system to remove moisture and humidity via ducts. This is important because foul odours get trapped easily in improperly ventilated bathrooms, which can also cause health hazards. Thus, when you buy and install any of these best extractor fans on your wall or ceiling for standard bathrooms, your bathroom is kept at the normal room temperature and cooler air circulates around your bathroom areas.

Safety Precautions and Bathroom Extractor Fans Advice

To make your extractor fan durable and last for a very long time, the following principles should be adhered to:

1. Avoid Bad Wiring

The most common cause of explosion of bathroom extractor fans is bad wiring. During installation, it is often best that you employ the services of an electrician to help you fix this appliance if you can’t do it by yourself. Some bathroom extractor fans UK are complex and not easy to install by yourself. If you smell something burning in your bathroom, it is important that you turn off the extractor fan from the mains immediately.

2. Avoid Constant Running of the Fan

Do not allow your bathroom fan to run all day long. A constant running extractor fan can induce friction on the motor ball bearings and may cause the fan to heat up. To prolong the life of your extractor fan bathroom, make sure that you remotely switch it off when your bathroom is dry enough. Leaving your bathroom fan to work aimlessly even consumes more energy, and accumulates costs for you.

3. Clean the Fan Regularly

This cleanup should be done on a routine basis. When the fans work, the air brings dust to their blades. Dust particles can reduce the efficiency of your shower fans. Use a spray to remove dust particles in the internal compartment of the fan. You should carry out this cleanup at least once a month.

What To Consider Before Buying

There are so many things to consider before you buy any of these bathroom extractor fans.

1. Costs

This is a very important factor that shouldn't be overlooked. These bathroom fans come with different costs. Some are very expensive for you to afford. Others are cheap and will not put a hole in your pocket. If you do not want to spend too much for just a single appliance, you can shop for extractor fans with comparably low price and still offers you high efficiency.

2. Noise Level

If you hate noise coming from the blades of a fan, then you would want to stay clear off an Extractor fan with higher dB. If you can bear the sounds from these machines, then the noise level will not be a problem for you. So, before buying that extractor fan, make sure you check for the noise level rating and see if you're comfortable with it.

3. Cost Effective

Some powerful extractor fans consume energy and are not very energy efficient. Others are rated with low watts. Buying bathroom fans with low power ratings makes you save cost, and so they are referred to be cost effective. When the cost of electricity is on the high side in your locality, it will be unwise to purchase a fan with high power extractor fan bathroom rating.

4. Ultra Modern Features

Do you want a extractor fan bathroom with overrun timer options? Or do you want bathroom fans with a humidity sensor so that the humidity level of your bathroom will be regulated within the normal range? Some also boast of a thermostat and double blades to deliver a very high work rate or an extractor fan bathroom with light. Whatever your choice is, there are extractor fans that come with all these impressive features and you can go for them.


Where Is the Best Place to Install These Extractor Fans?

The choice of bathroom extractor fan installation is yours, wherever you want to mount your bathroom fan on your wall or ceiling, or even the window. Also depending on the brand and product type you purchase, some are designed to be fitted specifically as ceiling mounted fans. Others can be placed on windows, the bathroom wall or ceilings. Some of these multipurpose extractor fans can also be used in kitchens. Make sure that you mount them as recommended by the product manual for terms conditions. 

Do They Come With Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Yes, many of them come with manufacturer’s warranty of different duration. When you purchase some fans, you are sure to get a warranty of 5 years. For other fans, it could be reduced to 3 years. Before you make your purchase, make sure you check for manufacturer’s warranty on the pack for terms conditions.